Can't Transfer or Withdraw Money

hi everyone

I’ve tried everything but I can’t do it and I’m starting to get really irritated

I can’t transfer the money from my Revolut account to my bank, I can’t withdraw money with my card, I’ve tried all the ATMs and I can’t get the money out of the Revolut account.

I just wanted to get the money, nothing more

@Danielz Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

We understand failed transfers can be frustrating, and there’s a few reasons why this may have happened. To see the reason for the transfer failure, select your transfer from your transactions list.

Some of the most common failure reasons include:

  • The transfer was sent to an unsupported country or currency
  • You may have used incorrect recipient’s details
  • You may have exceeded transfer limits
  • You can’t transfer money to your own account – use currency Exchange instead
  • You may not have your identity verification completed, and all ID documents are valid to-date
  • Account owner hasn’t answered our compliance request or chat in time, so we had to reject the transfer
  • You may have insufficient profile permissions to make a transfer from the selected currency account
  • The beneficiary bank has rejected the funds. In which case, ask the recipient to contact their bank directly for more information
  • We’ve had to limit your account due to ongoing review

If you’re receiving notifications about a failed transfer, go to Payments section → Transfers tab → scroll down to see Failed transfers and select the transfer → then click Retry to submit the transfer again or select Delete to remove the transfer from Failed list.

If your cash withdrawal was declined, please:

  • Ensure that you have sufficient funds. Top up your account by clicking here.
  • Check if ATM withdrawal setting is disabled. Enable ATM withdrawals by going to ‘Cards’ (the card icon in the top right) → Selecting the card → Tapping on ‘Settings’.
  • Check if the PIN was entered correctly. You can verify your PIN in the app under ‘Cards’ (the card icon in the top right) → ‘Settings’ → View PIN.
  • Confirm if you haven’t exceeded your monthly withdrawal limit. Check your monthly withdrawal limit by going to your ‘Profile’ → ‘Your plan’ → ‘Your limits’.
  • Verify that your card is active. View your card status in the ‘Cards’ section (the card icon in the top right) and unblock it if necessary.

To check the reversal date for a pending withdrawal, tap on it in the app and view its status under the location.

If your withdrawal was declined but your Revolut account was still charged, submit a chargeback form by selecting the transaction and tapping ‘Get help’ (chargeback process may take up to 50 days).

Revolut card cannot be used in Russia and Belarus due to sanctions.

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community team