Can't put a point for exchange rate alert


I tried to put an exchange rate alert in order to change EUR/USD but I can’t put a dot in such alert :
I want to put alert for example 1€=1.5$ but when I do so it does : 1€=15$
I have the last app and android version on a Samsung galaxy S8, is anyone else having the same issue?
I have no choice for the point, no coma are available on the keyboard

Thank You for your help!


It was a bug, and yesterday was update available.

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Hiya :slight_smile:

Did you update your app?

Not quite fixed; works if you type 1.5, bit if you miss the decimal point you can’t go back and insert it anywhere other than the end of the field.

Thank you for your feedback. The team will investigate this and as soon as I have an update I will let you know.

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Same problem here, I cannot use the point.

You may need to change keyboard.

If you can’t change keyboard, you can copy/past the dot, it is working so far

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I have similar experience here. Both for exchange rate alert and for automatic convertion I cannot use decimal point. Only whole numbers. The App was installed on 28-th May.

Last year, I had the same issue. I fixed it by switching the keyboard from Samsung to Google one (you may need to download the Google keyboard from the PlayStore).

not denying it’s a bug but could you try using a comma instead? the locale might be messed up. and maybe a different keyboard app?

5.49 on android

Of course I have tried to use comma. The comma appears to be inactive in my keyboard. It’s grey whereas the digits keys and dot (point) key are black.

Pressing black keys causes a click and gray does not.

I use Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 8.0.0 Revolut version is 5,48

Good piece of advice. My problem has been resolved. Thank you!

Still an issue for the IOs application, latest update, also reproducible to exchanging currencies


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Have the same issue with my Android Phone (Honor 8x) and latest Release. If I type “1.05” I got “105”, and “,” is not available.