Can't Log into app!?!?

Can someone help me im trying to sign up and it’s saying my number is incorrect I’ve reinstalled and nothing is working

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I have had the same issues as the people above for three weeks with no response from anyone. I have tried email, Facebook, Instagram and the forum. I CANNOT CLICK FORGOT PASSWORD TO GET TO AN AGENT!! Please understand that and help.

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Same here! It updated and is requiring “a selfie” which it won’t accept… Keeps saying “woops, something went wrong, try again later” I’ve been trying for 2 weeks now… I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app twice and still no luck

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I cannot access my revolut account and have been unable to contact a human agent in Revolut to get assistance. Any ideas please?

hola, como hacer para que funcione la app, no hay manera de entrar en ella, algo etá pasando

I cant log into my account says my number is incorrect ive only ever used one and i need to pay my bills … can someone please contact me asap

I have the same problem, please help.

@AndreasK, would you be so kind as to PM me? I have the same issue. I can’t send a private message yet since I just registered on the community forum.

Thanks in advance

Can’t log into my app, desperately need to. It doesn’t recognise my phone number and then says something went wrong. HELP!

After the new application download to my phone, I cannot log in to my account. I have messages that I need to change my email address and phone number error I have used so far

I also have the same problem it shows the fragility of the whole system

If you don’t understand French, use Google-traduction :wink:
Problème résolu le 20200701. Mais quelle galère ! J’ai dû réinitialiser mon portable suite à un dysfonctionnement Android. Quand je l’ai réactivé l"application Revolut ne me donnait plus accès à mon compte. Il a fallu que je confirme mon numéro de portable et mon adresse courriel. Pour s’assurer de mon identité Revolut m’a adressé un courriel contenant un lien mais ce lien devait être activé depuis mon portable et non depuis mon PC. Il a fallu que j’installe en urgence l’application courriel sur mon portable (je vous passe les complications) Une fois le lien activé il a fallu que je me fasse un selfie avec mon portable et que j’envoie ce selfie à Revolut. Là encore des difficultés même quand la transmission se faisait jusqu’au bout cela plantait, il a fallu que je recommence cinq ou six fois avant que ça passe et que je retrouve enfin mon compte Revolut.
Je raconte mon histoire pour que, ceux à qui cela arriverait, se préparent à toutes ces manœuvres. Et un conseil, avant de changer de carte SIM, de téléphone ou d’abonnement, sauvegardez vos données et faites les opérations les plus urgentes au cas ou récupérer votre compte serait plus long que prévu.

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Hi Andreas

Sorry for using this post but I’m new to this and didn’t know how to reach you.

I’ve just downloaded revolut in a new phone but I have no option of login, only to create a new account(see picture below).

How do I access my old account? Can you help with that?

Thank you

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I have exactly the same problem. A new phone and I can’t access my old account. I will not wear a new one. And so far it has been great

Hello, I’m new to Revolut and I’m not sure if this is the right thread but i have the following problem: i created an account in May when i was still living in Japan (used jp number) but i was put in the waiting list and that was it. I couldn’t even use the app, nothing. Last week i had to leave Jp and went back to my home country, tried to use the app with my new number! I did registration but after that when i tried to login it sent me back to the registration steps. I haven’t received an email for verification either. I followed the steps again and i got notification that i already have an account but i cannot login at all. No idea how to resolve this! Thanks

Hi I have exactly the same problem. I have had my account for years, now downloaded the new app and I cant access my old account. Shocking!!

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Same here… Been waiting for 2 days for a reply. This process of PMing random people on some shady forum to retrieve your account would almost have a been cute if it wasn’t an actual bank we are talking about and not your local neighbourhood association…

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@Andreask Pls can you assist to resolve this issue? I been waiting for hours and really need access to my account


I have the same issue, recently got a new phone, same number, keeps looping me around and saying my account is empty when I have transferred money into it. Please help!

hello! i had exactly the same problem with revolut 3 days ago. 1 July 2020. now i am talking to someone called Logan Mason from Revolut technical team . they had to use digital currency from coinbase to transfer into my HSBC account and wire it back out again (the same amount) in order to set up the limit on my Revolut account in order to reactivate it. very peculiar way. can someone please advice me whether it is genuine. many thanks.