Can't Find My Amount

Hey Frank, I’m new here. I need an urgent help, matter is I opened my Revolut bank account about a month a go and did deposit some amount, out of which I used delivery fee for getting the standard debit card and remaining amount I transferred back to my Austrian Bank account. Now, I again wanted to deposit amount here in revolut bank account to I have already saved the Iban and account details of my Revolut account. As I transferred money from ky Austrian bank to Revolut account I did not receive the amount ane when I checked my account details I have totally new iban now of my revolut bank account. how it can be possible? i have proof of transaction I did on 23 Dec,2023 and today. In both transactions my Iban is totally different of my Revolut bank account.
Where is that amount gone?

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Hey @Akash07,

I don’t think IBANs change that often, but I may be wrong.
You should contact :r: directly via the in-app chat.

Even though he’s very knowledgeable, Frank is not a Revolut employee. He’s just a user, like you or me. You can recognize a Revolut employee by that R on their profile picture.
To notify a user, you should use @ in front of their name.



Hey @bog thank you so much for your kind response.It’s very helpful

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Welcome back to our community @bog. Thank you so much for helping out Akash. :star:

@Akash07, Hope your issue gets resolved by contacting the our support team. :hugs:

SG | Community Team