Can't change wrong phone number associated with Visa card


I have an Italian Postepay card, which is the Visa card that I got from the Italian Post office.
I had a wrong phone number associated with the web security file of this card, so I went to the post office and they corrected it. Now all the information on my Post office files are correct and updated.
To top up the Revolut account with Euros, I had to insert my tax code and my phone number, but it only accepted the wrong one. The right phone number was refused, even if the Post office corrected it.
So I wrote the wrong number, with the digit that was missing, now my Postepay is accepted with all the web security, but now it sends me the passwords to the wrong number, so basically it doesn’t send the passwords at all, and I can’t top up the account.
I discarded all tries of topping up.
I removed the card and add it again.
I uninstalled the app and reinstalled.
I need the web security page of my credit card to appear again, and let me fill with the tax code and the right phone number.
Thank you for your kind attention