Can't change profile photo

I can’t change my profile photo. When I registered to revolut I accidentally picked wrong picture (it’s not a my photo, it’s not even a photo, just silly picture). When I try to change it from android app (any of the recent version, I tried it for few months) - nothing happened. I pick my photo - but it doesn’t change.
No error message, no hints like "file is too big, format is wrong, or whatever) - just old picture is preseneted.

I tried to write to support from app to change my photo manually - they said they can’t do that.

Please do something with it, it should be very easy.

What happens when you put your finger on the picture…nothing?

It opens dialog of opening new file, where I can choose local storage/google drive/dropbox or anything. I tried to use dropbox or local storage - result is the same. I navigate to any picture, try it and that’s it. New picture is not applied, the old one is still on profile.

Have you tried with the camera too?

had a similar issue with the old version of the android app.
was fixed in the beta app

FernandoMiguel, how to install beta version from google play? Is it possible?

Frogdan, no, I didn’t and I don’t want to. I have existing photo image in filesystem, I want to use it.


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Thank you! Nice reason to become a beta-tester :slight_smile:

Have you tried to delete & reinstall the app?

I tried even more than that - I switched to another phone. Result is the same.


I just have the same problem. Can’t upload any photo (using LG G3 with Android 6.0) from my storage, but i tried with the camera and finaly change my profile photo.

Guys, do you have any updates? When are you going to fix this? I am pretty sure it should be very easy.
I created topic about a month ago, and still no progress. And actually I was experiencing this issue for a few month - just didn’t have enough time to report about it.

I can contribute in any way I can. I can provide some logs/system information or whatever - but I don’t know how.

Tried to phones: galaxy s4 mini and xperia compact z5 - result is identical.

I have just changed a picture to another one(!). Again - it is not my photo. Which hints me that revolut app didn’t like my picture - but have no idea, what exactly is wrong. The size of file? The size of picture (width+height)? Proportions? The format (jpg/png)?

Would be great to catch such errors and give helpful error message which tells me what exactly is wrong.

And you can probably answer the question to me - what should be this picture like (size/dimensions/format)?

I tried to upload 200x200 px jpeg with size of 5.9 kilobytes. What can be wrong with that?

I just installed the Android app for the first time and found the same issue. I can add a photo using the camera, but if I try to pick a photo from phone storage it doesn’t update it.

Someone mentioned a beta version earlier in the thread but the link appears to not work any more. Is this still available, and if so where can I get it?

Same with me here. I tried different photos of different types and sizes. The photo first uploaded won’t change. Reinstalling didn’t help either. Btw I’m on Android 6.0.1.

Works fine now. I’m on app version 4.4.2. In my opinion the problem is solved.

Worked for me to! Changed picture finally.

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Selected wrong picture for profile and now I can’t change it. Any ideas?