Cannot log in to Revolut app!



I don’t understand why but when I launch the Revolut app it opens the ‘What’s your personnal details’ page and when I enter them the app crashes. I sended a report yesterday but no answers or news and updating the app did nothing…

Thanks for any help.


@raf Are you setting up the account for the first time or are you an existing user?


Hi @larysa.stachowicz

Thanks for your concern.
I’m an existing user.


Up !
I figured out that when opening the app a “We are sorry, something went wrong” pop up appear.

Please I cannot access the app and unlock my Revolut card!!!


Hello, I get the same : " we are sory, something went wrong". Seriously? I have moeny in my account and no way to access my account.


Problem solved. I bought a new phone…


I have exactly the same problem. I am an existing user.
Please advise ASAP.


Hi @Capagira

Send me a direct message so that I can help sort this out.


Hi Jessica, could you please help?


Hi, i am an existing user and cannot login to my account.
I get “we are sorry, something went wrong” on every try to login or when app ask me for a verification through sms.

Please i need your help.