Cannot link my existing card to a new phone number

Hi, I moved from UK to Spain and changed my mobile number through the app because my previous mobile number does not exist anymore. Now, when I try to link my existing card, I get the error message “this card can’t be linked”. The support chat is not helpful enough. What can I do to link my existing card to my new mobile number? Thanks in advance. I look forward to hearing from you. Sergio.

Seems like you created two accounts (instead of changing the number of the one you already had). You need to contact support, they can merge the accounts for you.


Thanks Frank! Do you know the email address to contact support? I can only see the chat but it is a robot with generic answers.


Type live agent. Or just ask a more complex question. The bot will then forward you to a human.

Hey Sergio. Did you manage to solve this?

Not yet, I tried to chat with an agent but there is a large volume of requests.

Drop me a direct message.

Thanks Andreas! Guys from support help me to fix the problem. Now, I can access without problems