Cannot have pension paid into Revolut

I am UK based and have a small pension from the German State which is presently paid into my UK Santander account, which bank takes an indecently large slice when converting from € to £. I would like instead to have it paid into my Revolut account in €.

To make this change I need to complete a form. The German authorities require the new accepting bank to sign/stamp the form. I have asked Revolut for an address to send the form to for stamping, but Revolut decline this, saying “we are not a bank”. I have tried sending the form to Germany without the bank acceptance completed and it was rejected.

Anyone else met this, or have any suggestions for ways of persuading Revolut to sign the form?

PS I suspect that behind this requirement is that when I die, if a pension payment is paid again before it has been stopped, the German authorities would demand return of the overpayment from the bank without bothering to go through my trustees.

Since Revolut is not a bank yet,i think they can’t put Stamps/Signatures.
Other option for you if you got german bank account.Get paid your pension there,and then top up Revolut with it.
Not solution,but suggestion :wink:

That’s exactly what I do with my pension.

Then you can easy top up € to your Revolut account from German bank account .
Then you can exchange € to £ inside Revolut App.
Unless i missed something :slight_smile: