Cannot Access Account On new Phone


Hi there having trouble trying to access my account, lost my phone while I was in Hong Kong and have just purchased another one and tried to log on to my revolution account and doesn’t seem to be working. I know I’m entering the right passcode and everything it just still won’t let me log in and when I try and confirm my last deposited amount it still says that I’m wrong when I know for a fact I’m right I’ve only deposited once into that account.


Hi @liamcalvey,

I’m so sorry to hear that!

Could you please send me a DM with your phone number associated with your account so I can help?


Andreas K.


Sorry but how do I direct message you?



I am having the same problem. I got a new phone with a new number but still have my old card and account with money on it. Is it possible to activate my old account on my new phone?