Cancelling Premium is a battle...

Well I just had a frustrating battle of words with customer service over chat over something which should be easy, and it only re-inforces why I want to cancel my premium membership.

It clearly states that to cancel you must give notice up to the one month before expiration, presumably that means you must give notice prior to 30 days of expiration or you are locked in another 12 months. However, speaking to my “Premium Customer Service rep” for ages, first off said I’d have to pay £10… then said no you can’t cancel… I then said your site said I can give notice not to auto renew in advance, and he says no you have to do it within the last month.

That means a day before renewal I supposedly can cancel. I made clear that the website doesn’t say cancel within the last month, but up to the last month, but the rep said once again no you must cancel on the last month for it not to renew.

So basically, you are either…

1- hiring inexperienced staff on the premium customer service that wasted my time today.
2- You are making it super difficult for premium members to not continue with the subscription.

I was one of your original customers to upgrade for premium, with all sorts of promises of perks and benefits in addition to what was given. I was also told I could be an investor, but your tech guys didn’t bother to do a basic spam check on emails, a feature most email marketing kits have which would have told you that most would flag your email because of your excessively huge image URLs, so missed out on that perk.

I’ve seen “Airport lounges coming soon” since forever with no progress, and most of the times I’ve requested support in the past its taken over an hour to get a reply. It’s gotten better recently, but that still doesn’t excuse previous periods where I’ve paid for a subscription for “priority support”.

I’m disappointed to say the least, and I’ve no email address or escalation route over the phone to get the premium stopped before it auto renews another 12 months early next year.


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Hey @James :slight_smile:

I resolved my issues with the Premium subscription by making a formal complaint. The answer was more than satisfactory :wink:

If they’re refusing to acknowledge your desire to present a formal complaint, you can resort to this link.


What was the result?

Im thinking about cancelling my premium account as I dont need it really. I am 3 months in. But I really had no idea it was a 12 month contract, I thought it was monthly, and I could cancel any time and lose a month possibly.

Im normally very carful with these things, but it seems like others have also been confused, so maybe its not very clear

Have you tried to ask them about it using in-app chat?

No not yet, thought I’d ask here first. I’ll do it, but sometimes it takes a while! It also sounds like they dont let you cancel easily

They do, there is only the cancellation fee.

Looks pretty clear to me…


Yeah I dont remember that, so I must have let my guard down :slight_smile: