Cancelled Card


Anyone else out there from the Channel Islands who has had their card cancelled due to the card supplier not recognising the Channel Islands as a valid address? Ridiculous!!


Morning Jersey,

You are not alone. There are at least 2 of us in Guernsey and probably far more.
What I don’t understand is that all my other MasterCards work outside the EEA but for some reason or other the Revolut MasterCard gets blocked!


Not just the Channel Is. Also my card issued to an address in the Isle of Man has been suspended, again as Mastercard seem to only want customers in countries that are in the EEA
This is very inconvenient as we are in Australia just now!


Unfortunately :r:'s service provider does not permit it to issue cards to residents outside of the EEA. They should never have issued any to residents of the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Switzerland, Russia, USA etc but they did. Seems like they are still catching up with canceling those issued in error.


What I don’t understand is that I thought that there was only one
Mastercard and I have live cards with other financial suppliers!!!


It’s not Mastercard who decides who can have a particular card it is the card issuer which in :r:'s case, at the moment, is Paysafe Financial Services Limited. Until :r: have a licence to directly issue their own cards they and we are stuck with this limitation.


OK so it is Paysafe that is the problem. What are they going to do after Brexit when the whole of the UK may not be in the EEA?
Also any idea when Revolut will be able to reactivate my card, as we may have to cut short our Australian visit due to lack of funds?
Kind regards


Revolution told me that they are working on a solution but no dates offered.


I think you should assume it’s cancelled not just suspended.


You need to transfer any monies out into another account and use that one instead.


I have transferred all my funds with Revolut to another account, my problem is that I cannot transfer any more!


Further to my last, it is dissapointing to find that although Paysafe will not appear to want to issue mastercard to Isle of Man residents, they have their own (head) office in 41 Victoria Street, Douglas, Isle of Man?


Revolut please can you give us an update/progress report?


Still awaiting news from Revolut on re-instating card use for non EEA residents, Brexit soon!


I chased them last week and they responded that they did not have an update
A month ago, when I chased, they stated that an announcement was imminent!
Don’t hold your breath!


That’s a topic which isn’t easy to handle. So we just have to be patient and wait for the press release from :r: what will happen to those accounts which are suspended for the moment. Just like the Swiss accounts, which aren’t supported for the moment.


I’m trying to get in touch with Paysafe as we speak, not that I’m hopeful of anything but just to try and understand the why’s, find it amusing that their head office is just 2 miles aways and my account with Revolut has been suspended because of this island based company.