Cancel a pending payment



I sent a payment (IBAN) over the weekend but no longer wish to send it to the recipient.

The transaction shows as ‘pending’ in the app so I assume it has not been sent yet from Revolut.

How can I cancel / stop this payment from going through?

Thank you


Hey @Monty :slight_smile:

Did you get in touch with :r: through the in-app support chat? This might be the fastest way for you to get an answer :wink:

You can access it clicking Support in the More tab of the app, and typing live agent


Hi there!

Please shoot me a DM with the phone number linked to your account so that I can look into this.




Hi @Monty!

Did you manage to sort this out?



Many Thanks for the offer of help.

I managed to resolve this with your colleague via support chat

Kind regards


Hello, how did you get in contact with them??


Hi I have the same problem. I want to cancel a pending payment. How do I do it?
I tried the chat but nothing useful came out.

Thanks a lot