Can you help me PLEASE?

Help needed -


When I just logged onto the app, I was asked to enter my phone number (unusual). It then said that the ‘number was already in use’ and wouldn’t let me into it. I wasn’t trying to sign up; I’ve already been using the app for months. The only difference may be that I’ve had a different sim card in my phone for a couple of weeks (although that shouldn’t make a difference given that this is an app for travellers and I have to change my sim all the time).

I need to use the app today so I’d be grateful if you could advise as soon as possible.

The catch 22 is that I can’t access support chat because I can’t get into the app - there should be a solution to this.


Catch’em via Twitter or Facebook. You can ask for help @AndreasK too.

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Hi there. Please let me know if you still need help.

Hi Andreas,

I am having a similar problem. I have moved countries, had an Australian phone number and now a British one. I need to send money to a colleague’s bank account and it needs a phone verification number to send payment.

When trying to change details to my current British details, it says that ‘number already in use’ when this is not possible. As a result I cannot send payments to bank accounts which is quite urgent. Any help on this would be much appreciated!


Sounds like you’ve created two accounts. Pop me a DM and I’ll look right into this for you.