Can’t register on the app - no verification code received

I cannot get past the 6-digit code part. There is an info: We’ve sent it to [phone number], but I have not received any code. Phone call option doesn’t work either. I’ve verified that other SMS verification services can send a text to my phone, so I’m not quite sure what the next step would be.

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Hey @keraj :slight_smile:

There should be a button to get in touch with the support team which should say “I didn’t receive a code” :wink:

Thanks, but the only options I can see are:

resend code - doesn’t work,
phone call - doesn’t work,
chat with support - doesn’t work (a bot generate some general answer, not to the point)

Are there any other ways to proceed?

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Type ‘Live Agent’ in the chat to talk to a person and not the bot :slight_smile:


You were very supportive. Thanks!


Hey there! Have you managed to sort this out?