Buying a house using Revolut account?


Hello everyone. I stay currently in Tenerife and I want to purchase a house which is about 70000 euros. I have my money in a Romanian ING bank and the account is in Romanian Lei. Even though my top-up limit is 450.000 Lei (over 90000 euros) my top-up limit is even lower then when I opened the account. I tried to top-up the account by transferring Romanian Lei but it seems that I cannot transfer from my Romanian ING account money to the account Revolut provided… Has anyone successfully transferred a large amount of Romanian Lei within a short time? I only have 7 days available to get somehow the 70000 euro in my Revolut account so that I can change it into Euro, and pay for the house. Of course I can change the money within ING bank, but I lose about 1000 euro due to the exchange rate they offer. If I can avoid the loss of 1000 euro of course I would do it, if possible through Revolut. But I just don’t know how Revolut manages great deal of money…


As far as I know, there is no issues related to toping up your Revolut account with more money than your yearly limit. All you’ve to do is verify to Revolut where the money came from, for instance a document from your bank stating that the money comes from a loan.


Thank you so much for your fast reply. I have provided Revolut with all documents showing that the money came from dividends from my business. It just seems that my bank doesn’t accept transfers from my Romanian Lei account to an IBAN that looks like a German account DE04 5123 0800 0000 0660 23. My ing app doesn’t give me the option of filling in a Bic or a Swift… Only my Euro account allows me to do that. Or the main reason I want to top-up my Revolut with lei is to exchange the Lei into Euros…


You should contact your bank about that. However, you could always have Transferwise facilitate the transfer. You could use Transferwise to transfer from your bank account to your Revolut Euro account.

I understand that this is not what you’d like, but if you can’t make a transfer into Revolut with your regular bank, that might be your best option.