Buy crypto automatically with recurring payments in fixed amounts of fiat currencies

Hi everyone!

I would like to share some idea with you guys that I believe it will help us to make some money. And this is the ability to buy crypto automatically. We know how hard is to decide when is the best moment to buy or sell crypto currencies because its volatility. Aren’t you just tired to check the market every day? What if Revolut provides the ability to buy crypto automatically every day, week or month? I will tell you why I think that is a great feature. In my case I’m not 100% sure what it will be the future of bitcoin and I’ve already done some investments. I have high expectations but I don’t want to put any more money in case it doesn’t go as expected! But If we can put an insignificant amount of money every day that doesn’t affect our finances, let’s say £1 a day, which will be £30 monthly (many people pay this amount for gym memberships and don’t even go, I know because I used to be one of them :sweat:) This way you don’t care how the market is doing everyday you can pretend you’re paying for a service and forget about it and if the market does well at the end of the year you will have accumulated some wealth and if it’s doesn’t you won’t be broke

Please let me know your thoughts

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Did you try Vaults :slight_smile:

It supports Cryptos :slight_smile:

Yes I use vaults and I love the feature but it doesn’t do exactly what I describe in the post

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You can buy Cryptos in your vault every day, every week or every month, but what you want is to ask Revolut to buy the corresponding amount of BTC for XX$, am I right ?

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Exactly! :ok_hand: you got it!

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What happens if you set up a recurring transfer into a vault that have a crypto as its currency. Will it then just “buy” the crypto before transferring?

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Seems like it works.

If you go into a Vault with a Crypto as a currency and on the “How much would you like to put a side” screen you tab on the small text under “LTC” (or whatever crypto you are using) it will let you choose another currency to use for the transfers! :slight_smile:

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Hi @henrikbjorn,

Thanks for replying! I tried that as well and I also thought it was posible but that dropdown you described is not for choosing the currency you want to pay with, it’s for choosing the account you want to take that money from and the amount you set for the recurring payments are in the vault’s currency (In this case LTC). for example Imagine we have a vault in LTC and we want to buy $1 per day so we set a daily recurring payment, we choose the USD account and put 0.01 in the amount field which it will say that is about $1 at the time of this reply. that’s fine for today, but not for tomorrow and no even for 1 month time due to the volatility of the crypto currencies. I want Revolut to let me pay the exact amount of $1 per day, no more, no less and this is not posible at the moment

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I have a similar request but would like to bring it a step further. As a trader I’ll like to be able to buy/sell bitcoin at a specific € amount (automated sell/buy when bitcoin reaches the desired price) this will allow me to invest and speculate the crypto market. Using moving averages in trading you can speculate where the price of the Crypto will be. This will be a great feature to help us increase our gains and free our time to ensure we buy and sell at the desired value (No need to be looking at the screen all day) #ideas #crypto

I did not find a topic or the possibility to create my own:

This would in fact be interesting.
We need Tether (USDT) or USD Coin in our crypto currency offer on Revolut, and that quickly.

Why ?
Because currently Bitcoin and Etherum are gaining fast, and the only way to save my earning would be to cash out. But cashing out, means that I’d have to pay taxes on my profit.
If I can transfer on USD coins, that follow the US Dollar course, then I can wait for better opportunities and save some taxes in the same time.

To be honest, if Revolut does not introduce one of these two US Dollar related coins within the next two weeks, I’ll cash out all my investments and put them elsewhere because there will be too less advantages keeping them within Revolut (compared to Coinbase as an example).

Hope this does reach someone from Revolut soon …