Business to Normal Email Confirmation

Hi Everyone,

Does Revolut Business ask for the recepient’s email address when the latter’s Revolut is not a Business Account

Also, is this email a valid Revolut service?

Thank you

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@jdmalta Hello, Welcome to the community. :heart_eyes:

No, Revolut Business typically doesn’t require the recipient’s email address when sending money to someone who doesn’t have a Revolut Business account. For standard transfers, you’ll usually only need their name and bank account details.

The email address you provided is not a valid Revolut service email address. Revolut uses for all official communication. Be cautious of any emails requesting personal information or asking you to click on suspicious links if they don’t originate from a address.

To report this please click here. For more details on this please check this FAQ link. :pray:

Hope this helps.

Veda | Community team

Hi @jdmalta and welcome to the user forum.
This looks highly suspicious - perhaps you’d like to follow the advice on Fraud and Scams outline in [this resource] from Revolut.

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