Business account limitations

Hello team,
what are the limitations/limits for business account?
Are there any restrictions on the amounts of deposits and withdrawals?
What about changint cryptocurrencies to FIAT? Any limits?

Hi there,
The cryptocurrency feature isn’t available to business accounts.
On top of that, unfortunately :r: does not offer services to companies involved in cryptocurrencies (Section 17.1.G

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Hi @MichalZ

Please, find the limits stated here according to the available pricing plans.

As @orgasmix stated correctly cryptocurrencies are not supported. :+1:

Keen to know more about the limits attached to the account. I can see that I would be charged a monthly fee based on the amount I would like to “top up” and all fx transfers are then at interbank, is that right?

I can also see there is a “maximum monthly spend” of £100k, is that right? If I wanted to make payments out of my account of more than £100k would I be able to do this or would my account restrict this? Or would it just mean that I’d be charged 0.5% for payments made above and beyond the £100k limit?