Budgeting and Analytics

Thanks so much

Basically, I have never been able to manage my salary.

I have a current account with a different bank for my salary and use Revolut on my phone.

Monzo bank offers a scheme, where you pay in a set amount on a set date and you can’t access it until a pre set date.

I am looking for something similar for example:

if I were paid on day 1 week 1 January and pay to ‘vault’ £100 then on days 8, 15, 22 and 29 the ‘vault’ allows access to £25 per week

I should add I am neurodivergent and find this really difficult to explain. I want to stop relying on my family to have to do this for me, they are fed up with it. If I can’t access it I won’t waste it all and then borrow the rest of the month.

Is Revolut able to help? I did ask on twitter but couldn’t explain it

thanks for reading