Budgeting and Analytics

:wave: Sim here from Revolut!

Do you use Revolut to track your expenses? How do you find the analytics? Any issues or suggestions how to improve it?

Hi Sim,

I’m still working out the best ways of setting up Revolut for day-to-day use, but one thing I’ve noticed on the budgeting page is there is a bug in the section where it displays your daily spending allowance. It doesn’t always count the right number of days - see below:

I have set my budget to reset weekly every Monday (so Sunday is the last day of the cycle). As I post, I have £55.51 available to spend, and it is Wednesday morning. So I have five days remaining with £55.51 budget, which is £11.10 per day. It’s saying I have £13.87 to spend per day, which is £55.51 divided by four - so I guess it’s not counting today? I feel like the current day should also be counted as I might still spend money today.

Hey @edrob, that’s great feedback - let me pass this on to the team :wink:

Hi there!

I am not so much into budgeting so much like some users certainly are, but I find the weekly graphs and the trends helpful. They give me a broad idea if I am above or below average, which is sufficient enough for my personal money management needs.

What puzzles me is section “committed spend”. That’s a metric I might find helpful, but it’s just not very accurate. It expects upcoming payments that I don’t have for example. I guess it’s somehow designed to work in conjunction with “pockets”. But to make it more useful, pockets itself need to become more useful first. Like letting users add recurring payments manually that the system doesn’t recognize. The idea to have a pot for envelope budgeting is good, but it’s too limited. (Up, an Australian neobank has currently the best implementation in my opinion.)

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