BTC Support

Hey guys.

You have done a great job so far. Love to see how revolut started off with just 10 customers to how big it is now.

Anyway, you are listening to us which is great and we love to use more and more features.

I just made a thread about the latest update for charging us £5 for an extra virtual card. That is just unfair. Please make that free!

Back on topic, I think you just need to add BTC support. Once you add this, I would think Revolut would be the best ever banking app. Much better than the real banks and any other virtual banks.
Many people would agree here.

Please listen to us more and we will be more loyal.



Hey there,

A similar post had an official response from Revolut’s team:


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Today a friend shared this with me:

Is this true ?
If it is seems near to happen and that is great news!!!

Yes it is, should be coming soon :smiley:

My fiend told me the app. He have absolutelly free btc account. So i am registered and app want money from me to btc account open. I want free btc account, not sense pay for it so if you dont open free for me, bye and erase!