Can i had my virtual Revolut VISA to my account on Booking and then, at the hotel, pay with Revolut Mastercard (physical)?
Also, when making a reservation, should i first change the preferred currency (Euro) on my Booking preferences to the one of my destination?



So far I only experienced at car rentals that they need the same card at the counter, than at online reservation. At hotels via I never experienced this. But I guess, this is only a policy of the business you wanna pay, not some technical limitation.


Yes you can. I’m always doing it in different countries, never had any issues. Just be sure you are not using the disposable virtual card as this number only works 1 time.


Hum, i’m not sure if i understood. I have the virtual card (Visa), the only one i use for online transactions, and the physical card (Mastercard).


I use the cards exactly like you.
As for my experiences with booking:
Prices, especially if you pay at the hotel directly at the check in, are just displayed converted to a currency. There is a small disclaimer stating that the amount will be deducted in local currency.
It’s a convenience function.

If you pay at the hotel it doesn’t matter what you use to pay. It is always better pay in local currency and let Revolut handle the conversion if there is any (expect for maybe currencies like RUB, THB etc).


I suggest that you use the physic card for the reservation too. Sometimes they ask to see it at the check-in. Also do this when you buy plane tickets. Qatar airways requested a verification for me at the check-in desk.


Well, from my live experience a few hours ago:
I pre-booked my hotel in Moscow via using my virtual Revolut card 1 month ago. That was only for the hotel reservation.
On my arrival at the reception desk I gave them my physical Revolut card. They noticed that the cards were different numbers but it wasn’t a problem at all to validate the payment with my physical card.
Hope it helps.


And you paid in the local (destination) currency or the one from your revolut account? In the destination, right?
And in this case, do you changed previously the preferred currency on the Booking preferences in order to be charged on the destination currency?



Hi, yes, my card is loaded with Swiss Franc, and I was debited in local currency, Rouble. The rate couldn’t be better. I checked interbank rates.


But did you change the currency on the Booking preferences before paying? I ask it because i was always charged (without Revolut) in € (i’m from Portugal).



No need to change anything. Your Revolut card will do the conversion to the best available rate automatically in the background.


Sorry for being so boring with this but my Revolut is in Euros and if i make a reservation on Booking it gives me the price also in €.


It doesn’t matter which currency your card is loaded with. The conversion will be done automatically.


Ok, thanks for your help.



Hey R2R

My experience with is that they leave the payment to the hotel. The hotel will charge you in their local currency.

At rare times facilitates the payment and in that case they will use the local currency also.

I use a virtual card on and then just bring a physical card to the reception when i arrive. In rare cases they want to see the card i used to pay with and i will just show them the app.

BEWARE: That since the hotel is the one charging your card there is a risk of fraud as forwards the payment information. For that reason you should always use a virtual card and freeze it after payment or after authorization.

A couple of hotels have tried to charge me multiple times.


Hi henrikbjorn,
First of all, thanks for your help.

Well, regarding the last paragraph, you’re advice is to freeze the virtual card after the payment at the hotel but then when can i unfreeze it? And what stops them from not charging again after it being unfreeze?

Sorry but i’m not sure about how do they can charge multiple times, and the process of freezing the card (i know what it means) after the payment.



Normally they have free cancellation. And they will only do the charge after this date. So what I do is:

  1. Make the reservation.
  2. Unfreze before authorization payment
  3. Freeze card
  4. Unfreeze day of cancellation, wait for charge
  5. Freeze again.

There is a small window where fraud is possible.

Your Card information is sent to the hotel from they don’t do the payment themselves. So the Hotel gets the card details and then do the charge on the card.


Thanks for your help :slight_smile: