Bitstamp to Revolut failed Wire transfer

Bitstamp has charged me twice for a failed withdrawal (225 USD), 230USD for intermediary fees, 2 deposits 7.5 USD for money returned.

I have entered the correct details but they claim I have used the Revolut BIC code as well in the intermediary bank details. (Even though it seems from my end that I left it empty)

The transfer failed with this reason:

I have never given BARCGB22 and find it odd they blame me that this BIC code was used because I supposedly entered REVOGB21 for the intermediary. Does there explanation make sense?

I feel they are stealing my money (125USD) and that I am not responsible if they couldn’t complete the transfer. I find the fee outrageous.

Huh, let’s see.

Intermediaries are usually banks between sender and recipient, when they don’t have a direct business relationship. Considering this, “REVOGB21” would be the recipient, not an intermediary?

I would say they should be able to tell that by doing basic checks

When transferring to a Revolut account, the Revolut BIC is the recipient, not the intermediary.

For SWIFT transfers, intermediaries are third parties that “connect” the sender and the recipient. In your example, Barclays and Chase.

Let’s ignore for a second that you might have provided Revolut as the intermediary accidentally. My understanding of SWIFT wire transfers is that the sender searches the SWIFT network to find a correspondent/intermediary bank.

I have unfortunately no idea who’s responsibility it is when this fails. I can think of two scenarios: Bitstamp didn’t perform this search and relied on outdated information for the transfer. Or the information provided were wrong and not up to date.