Bitcoin exchange rate does not match bitstamp..


Is there some crazy delay between the two rates? or is it some form of hidden fee being removed?
There are hundreds of euros difference between your exchange rate and that on bitstamp… i dont mind paying the 1.5% exchange fee, but this added on top makes it difficult to justify. Id rather put my money on coinbase then at least i could trade with it… Just bought 1 bitcoin on your app and am already considering getting out of it.
Please tell me this is gonna be sorted in a future patch or something?


Mook, these prices do not match anything… I think a lot of people will be very angry pretty soon with this type of crypto trading… I am already one of them… If you buy LTC it is much much worse than their BTC trading and now even that artificial exchange rate is not being updated… majority of people will lose big on your crypto trading and will become very very angry…


I bought some LTC and in seconds after the purchase If wanted to sell (market price did move nothing) I could sell it with only around 7-8% loss…People, do not buy LTC through Revolut!!! Something is surely not good with that.


I don’t mind if its some form of early prototype bug, that will be fixed in the near future. But i have a sneaky suspicion they have done this on purpose to get more money for themselves… be nice to hear from them on the matter!


looks like none of you heard about Buy price and Sell price :slight_smile:
Of course you will buy at high price and if you want to sell it its at the low price :wink:


are you being serious? have they admitted this this? :confused:


Thanks…I am a full time trader for 5 years…


its a perfect explanation of the price difference, aint it?


yeah but a really shitty way to do business! people aint dumb they will just not use the app for any crypto based stuff…


I`m not sure the whole idea is to trade with currency, is more like a preffered way to store it.
But its obvious that we all want to benefit as much as possible from it, so yeah, most of us are using it as trading platform.


yeah i read your post too man - mine will be deleted next…