BGN and HRK - the last 2 currencies in EU with non-euro


@AndreasK are there any news about BGN and HRK accounts? I think we are the last 2 currencies in EU that are missing? Without the option using Revolute in its own countries is not worth it as always having fee for the double converting to euro than converting back to local when shoping…


Hey, we established a thread on HRK a while ago but have never received an answer from Revolut. Hope you’d be luckier! :slight_smile:


Please do HRK wallett!!! I know Revolut looks so much on UK clientele… Just was in Croatia hotels are full with UK tourists. I heard Dubrovnik anyway full with them due Games of Thrones… Actually strange there is no pressure from UK guys as well… I would definetely would use it…


BGN accounts is something I’m also looking forward to. But also don’t see it in the poll choices.