Better monthly statements


Dear Revolut Biz Team

A feature improvement request: better monthly account statements.

My accountants are having a heart attack with the exported CSV files. They’re not very robust in terms of an audit trail (since anyone can hand edit them) and don’t contain any Revolut information (your company registration number, address, FCA number etc.).

Even taking an accompanying screen shot isn’t great because your site UI is so minimalist and contains next to no information about Revolut.

Are there any plans on your roadmap to make downloadable monthly PDF statements available? Ideally these would need to include a covering page that clearly mentions Revolut’s business details (address, reg number etc), together with the client’s address, account number and IBAN.




Hi @corford

Thanks for your comment - really useful feedback which I’ve passed on to the team. We are working to make the statements better based on all the feedback we have received.

Thanks again,