Better Cash Withdrawals


Personally, the €200 limit doesn’t bother me. I don’t use cash that much. The problem is with emergencies/traveling in cash only countries. My dad was able to withdraw €2000 without any problem with N26. That’s the only thing I like about that bank. Where I come from cash is still king and Revolut has the worst conditions.



You are aware that the £200 limit is only for free ATM charge. After that a 2% charge applies. There’s no reason you couldn’t withdraw more in case of emergency.

I personally don’t mind the 2% fee. Its far cheaper than my bank and I do not withdraw large amounts of currency from ATMs.
Any change to the business model to allow for bigger free withdrawals would only end up with charges for another part of the service.



I’m with you. My dad chose N26 only for the ATM fees and the DE IBAN. The other thing is why the competitors can offer better fees than Revolut without screwing you with other charges?



There are a few UK fintech alternatives to :r:. Some have better ATM fees some have worse.



Not all UK fintech’s allow to use their services if you are not resident of UK :frowning:



In what way is Revolut “screwing you with [ATM] charges”?

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I was replying to the other comment, meaning in general. I wasn’t referring to Revolut, because there is no reason to say that.



Starling has no fees, might want to take a look if you are in the UK.

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I agree the ATM withdrawal limit is way too low. I often spend 4-6 weeks in Thailand, mainly Samui, Phangan and Phuket where most of the hotels/resorts I use are cash only. I require roughly £900 for a 4 week trip rising to about £1400 for a 6 week trip (including spending money) which is why I take lots of £20 notes and change them at the bank, often at better rates than Revolut.



Well, it costs them money… But I think it would be fair if you could accumulate unused amounts. For example, if I usually only withdraw 200-300€ per month on a metal plan, after half a year I could travel and had a 2000€ limit.

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Actually I agree with that alternative, similar to data-rollover on my mobile account. It wouldn’t totally solve my particular problem but it would help a great deal. It wouldn’t help totally for my next trip (May/June) but after that it’s December/January and the rollover would more than cover my needs