Bankin Support


Hi I just signed up to Revolut and Service and think that getting Bankin to support you accounts would be a great idea. The Bankin service allows you to manage money flows for lots of accounts in multiple currencies and provide alerts for transactions on your accounts.


Looks like it’s supported now, I can see it in the list.
You have to add it on their website though, looks like you can’t from the app directly.

I wonder if it’s an official support though, they ask for the PIN code :thinking:

It would have been better to simply receive a request from Revolut, to allow/deny Bankin to access our data. (or any other third party for that matter)

@AndreasK do you know anything about this? Is the support “official”?


If anyone wants to use this: be aware they currently have a bug with the crypto-currency support with Revolut, which will make whatever amount you have around 1,000,000 times bigger.