Bank transfer options


I’m french and i’m going to travelling in USA in two months so I bought a revolut card :slight_smile:
If i want to pay in US dollars, i must to transfer money in Dollars or I can make my bank transfer in Euros ?
Thanks in advance !

Hey! Welcome. Check out the app: Top up --> Bank Transfer --> Choose the currency. You could top up your Revolut account in USD, EUR or GBP. You could use a EUR card for topping up, of course. It does not matter in which currency you’re holding money or topping up.

I recommend to read Resolut’s full FAQs. They have some tips and insights for your trip to the USA.

Hi @Tirianorz.

The rule is that you should top up in the currency that your bank account is held in. For example, if you have a UK bank account make sure you top up in GBP. If you don’t your bank will convert the money for you and charge a huge fee!

Please note, if you are topping up via a bank transfer outside of the EU your bank may charge you a large international wire transfer fee as such transfer would go via SWIFT.

You should top up your account in Euros. It will be more expensive to top it up in USD.

Once you have Euros in your Revolut account, Revolut will automatically make the currency exchange when you use the card, no matter in which currency you hold the funds. There are a couple of reasons why you might want to change some of your funds into USD in advance in the app (on a WEEKDAY, not at weekend or on a Bank Holiday):

  1. You might want to lock in an exchange rate in advance, so that you know exactly how many USD you have available for your trip – also, if you suspect the Euro might devalue, or the dollar might go up (this seems unlikely, as the dollar is quite high at the moment);

  2. If you have funds in USD then you avoid the 0.5% charge on the exchange at weekends and Bank Holidays (e.g. over Easter), but only if you exchanged the funds on a normal business weekday in advance.