Bank cards for my kids


I would like a bank card for my kids ( all under 18) that I can manage. They live in a different county to me and I’d like to be able to send them an allowance every month so they can pay their own cell phone accounts etc. Ideally the card needs to have their name on it and seperate from my account. I’m in the process of getting divorced and needless to say things get complicated around their birthdays, parcels go missing and there is always a delivery issue not to mention customs etc. I’d rather just give them a card with money to spend.

This is relatively easy process for you to do and would assist many other people in the same way.


+1 This feature needs to be in :r:!! @AndreasK Do you have plans to implement this?


I think we need to send this to the CEO


AFAIK they’re working on something in this topic, but it can be (not sure) restricted to Premium plans.


And currently Revolut users has to be 18 years old…


You can make a “kids account” under the main account and give them fancy colored cards. This could be a very good service.


Second this. Would be extremely useful.

It is one of the features that would make me willing to go Premium, if necessary. None of the existing ones does.


I would think very useful!
You would also need a list of what transactions were on the card.


Hey @TequilaPat we have exciting things in store. :wink: Watch our social media channels for updates!

Options for son (couple of months under 18)

I know many parents, that have similatr issue it will be great opportunity for Revolut. I have 8 years sun and it will be better if i give him yours card, vs casch.


This is an unsurprisingly vague and noncommittal response. Is this feature to be expected, or not to be expected, or “just around the corner” (like Swiss IBANs have been for a few months)? Thank you.


Hi, I would also like to say this would be a great idea - something I think many parents could utilise. Just want to add it would be useful if the parent in control of the account could “branch” the account out to the child when they reach either legal age or an age where they can be responsible.


This is crucial to me. Several of the competitors already have this. My kids want a Revolut card so bad they bug me every day for one.


+1000 - This feature is crucial to me. Many competitors already have this feature, and my kids keep bugging me about getting their own cards.


AFAIK they’re working on it but probably they will deliver it for payed plans only.


That’s ok, already have premium anyway, so this would be a reason to keep that. Bunq charges for the same too, though LeuPay has it for free (incl. mobile payments, which is awesome, and something Revolut DEFINITELY lacks too!!)


Who has it? I am looking for this feature. Many thanks