Bank account error, money transfer

I have a little worry. I wanted to make a transfer from my personal account to my revolut account, except that there was an error on the bank details it is not mine. I want to know how to cancel the operation and get my money back. Here is the account or money was transferred. 300 € transfer already taken from my personal account.
Help me please, i don’t know what to do
Sorry i do not speak very good english

Hello @Faida1,

If the bank details are incorrect, please contact your bank and ask them to recall your transfer. If the bank details are correct but the reference number is incorrect there’s no need to worry.

The money was taken from my personal account. except that it was transferred to the wrong revolut account number. Neither the reference nor the account number corresponds to mine

You will need to contact your bank @Faida1, so they can recall the transfer.

My bank can not cancel the transfer so that the money has already been withdrawn from my account

The account number I registered is correct so that the money is taken from my account.
The problem is that this account number does not belong to me.

OK. Let’s get in touch via a direct message so we can take a closer look and if we can help.