Back up card?

I have a Metal account and card, and a number of virtual cards. I wonder though if I can just get another backup physical card?

I’m a bit nervous traveling with so many accounts (financial and other0 and two-factor/step authentication. A couple years ago my phone simply died and i was locked out of so many different accounts and log-ins (mainly related to google at the time.). I wonder what I’d do if I lost my Metal card and or my phone while traveling?

I carry a 2nd phone with me just so I have all my maps and addresses and other info, but I have not tried to log into Revolut on the backup phone.

Can anyone suggest some back up options? Like if I need to verify a transaction and don’t have my phone, is there anything I can do? Also, any other general suggestions for travel and being prepared for some unforeseen circumstance? Tks

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I’m not sure if there is an upper limit, but you can certainly order more than one physical card (I believe additional cards will be plastic, but I may be wrong here). You can also log into the Revolut app from more than one device. Just bear in mind, if Revolut sends out a verification code to log in, it will only go to one device, not the back up one if it has a different mobile number/sim. I can’t remember when I last had to enter a verification code, but based on some posts here it seems to be a regular occurrence for others.

I usually travel with cards from different banks to be on the safe side. That’s the best protection against blocked cards or losing app access. If theft is also a concern, don’t keep your cards in the same wallet.


Hello @kellyllek :wave: ,

Thanks for sharing your concern with us.:slightly_smiling_face: We would never want you to face any kind of unfortunate situation but if that happens by any chance, here are some links for your help:

  1. If you lost your phone , please check this FAQ link.

  2. If you lost access to your phone number, please check this FAQ link.

  3. If you want to order another card, please check here.

  4. If your card was lost or stolen, please check this.

  5. Here is our travelling preparation tips with Revolut.

Hope these will help you. I’m sure you will be careful enough to protect your stuff so you will never face these kind of situations.:people_hugging:

Wish you a safe journey. :luggage:

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You can have up to 6 active physical cards. If metal subscriber you get a free Premium card too I believe.

I have 6 active, 5 frozen.


Thanks All. Alas my backup card arrived the day after I left. My trip to the Canaries though went well and I had no problem using my card via NFC everywhere. If fact, I didn’t even use my regular Metal card.


Wohoooo @kellyllek. :star_struck: That’s great to hear. :heart:

Thanks for sharing your experience with us. It means a lot. :hugs:

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