autoincrease top-up limit if funds come from other Revolut account?

I am already have a personal premium account and am considering applying for a Business account for my business. Some of the money from the Business account goes will go to my personal account as salary; do I have to regularly request top-up limit increase for this money? Is there a way for this money to automatically increase my limit so I don’t have to manually request an increase and wait for it to be approved?

Hi @lucianpricop !

Thank you for raising this. We are getting a lot of questions like yours and the answer is that top up limit increase for your personal account will be required anyway and here is why.

Even though you are sending funds from your business account it is your business what generates them - be it service or product, you name it and based on that information we can increase the limit However, being business customer is extremely helpful for our team in order to process your request quickly.

Best regards,