Auto real time money load based on purchases


Any way to auto load the card triggered by a purchase rather than having to load the card up manually. The loading happens so fast it could be triggered (with consent) by a purchase if there is not enough funds to cover. It is such a pain paying for something only to find you don’t have adequate funds on the card and then having to manually load money before being able to pay.


I’d like this idea, subject to limits set in the app. three limits, a low one where the auto top up just happens, a middle one where the auto top up requires a confirmation on the app (easy to pay with phone in hand) and a top limit which will never auto top up


Yes I like it…


It’s not exactly what you asked for but you won’t have to top up manually any more.


This looks good but won’t quite solve for the use case I described. For example if you have £100 on account (so doesn’t yet trigger the load) and want to buy something for £200 would the transaction still be declined? If so is it possible to check the net balance based on the inclusion of the current transaction in realtime prior to it being declined so the top up can be initiated as per your rule functionality and the transaction can be authorised. Obviously if the minimum top up threshold still does not cover the transaction amount then it will be declined.


Guys you need to look at this new top up function. It’s not working correctly in the new version. Not saving preferences and app is crashing.

Also can you make the amounts a bit more granular? £100 top up start point is a bit high I think.


Agree this is quite a miss given that many payment services use this functionality (e.g. PayPal). Just need to make sure I have enough cash on my bank account (or within overdraft limit) and nothing else.

Especially when abroad people may not have 4G/3G access most of the time and it can be quite frustrating to top up the card to pay for things.