ATM withdrawals in Morocco


I will be going to Morocco soon and was wondering if anyone has found a bank which does not charge ATM withdrawal fee?


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Anyone with ATM withdrawal experience in Morocco? :slight_smile:

Hi @expatier, I can confirm I used Revolut at a number of different ATMs in Marrakech last year with no issues :slight_smile:


Thanks Edward! :slight_smile: Were you charged for withdrawals?

Hey, no there were no charges for withdrawals :smiley:


Can anyone tell me if I will be able to get money from any tipe of ATM once in Morocco? Or it has to be some specific one?

Hi all I’ve experienced an issue in Morocco, I took 1000 MAD (approx 90€) in Wafa Bank ATM. 25 MAD fee was took in addition. I can’t understand what’s happened

Essaouira only ATM that I found without fees was BMCI, I have MC card

No fee at Marrakech on june 2018

I tried lots of ATMs in Fnideq and M’Diq last week. All of them charged except for Al Barid Bank (البريد بنك), which seems closely affiliated to Poste Maroc (post office). If you look for a post office, then the ATM next to it will probably be a free one from Al Barid Bank.

The worst was Crédit Agricole, which charged MAD 20 with a warning on-screen stating simply “MAD 20.00”, but gave no option to abort after being notified of the fee:

I complained to Revolut, and asked them to recover the MAD 20 fee from Crédit Agricole. Revolut unhelpfully replied “We do not have chargeback rights against ATM fees”. However, Section 76 of the Payment Services Regulations 2017 states:

Subject to regulations 74 and 75, where an executed payment transaction was not authorised in accordance with regulation 67 (consent and withdrawal of consent), the payment service provider must—

(a) refund the amount of the unauthorised payment transaction to the payer; and

(b) where applicable, restore the debited payment account to the state it would have been in had the unauthorised payment transaction not taken place.

I authorised only MAD 300 to be charged to my Revolut card, but Crédit Agricole debited MAD 320. Therefore the transaction was unauthorised and Revolut is liable under the above legislation to refund me.

I’m not impressed by Revolut’s shoddy handling of unauthorised fees, so I will raise a complaint. Has this happened to anyone else?

I wonder what would happen if you press “Cancel” (on ATM keyboard) when prompted with such idiotic non-informative robbery type screen like one NFH presented?

I widraw without fee from the Poste Maroc ATM.


Travelling to Morocco next week. Any news in regards to withdrawing in local ATMs and withdrawal fees?

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I read in another topic that BCMI is free of charge, whereas Banco Populaire now charges 33MAD (it was free before).

I am going to Morocco this week and I hope the info is correct. I will try to come back here and update :wink:


Last time I tried BMCI was not free. Only Al Barid Bank (Poste) was free.

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As of November 2022:

Confirmed: in Agadir Airport you can only find Bank of Africa BCME, Banque Populaire and Attijariwafa Bank. All theses ATMs are located right after the declaration of goods.

BCME and Attijariwafa ATMs showed to charge a fee of 35Dir. Populaire 33Dir.

I did not find any other ATM on the outside of the airport. So it’s probably it.

There is a Poste office in the airport as well (which some people reported to be free of fees), but no ATM was found. Only the mail services.


Not all post offices have the post bank ATM. You can find them in Google maps by searching for "al barid bank " + your city.

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Hi there, i will travel to Marocco in a couple of days, last minut trip. Where is the best place to change money at the airport? I m gonna take taxi or bus, guess I have to pay chash…in Agadir i will look for post ATM as I read is the best without fee…is that right? Thank u

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Marocco, Tanger, january 2023.
Checked a few random ATMs with comission of 33-35 MAD. I can confirm that Al Barid Bank (Poste) has no comission.
Most of places don’t accept card payments so cash is necessary.


Hello everyone :wave:,

Thank you so much for sharing the ATM details here. :atm: It’s really helpful. :sunflower:

Do you know there is an ATM search in the HUB inside the app where you can see the next ATMs of your location? Interesting, isn’t it? :thinking:

Let me share some travelling tips with you all. You can check this FAQ link to know the details about travelling with :r:. To know the charges for currency exchange, don’t forget to check this link . :smiley:

Wish you all a great journey. :luggage:

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