ATM withdrawals in Morocco



I will be going to Morocco soon and was wondering if anyone has found a bank which does not charge ATM withdrawal fee?



Anyone with ATM withdrawal experience in Morocco? :slight_smile:


Hi @expatier, I can confirm I used Revolut at a number of different ATMs in Marrakech last year with no issues :slight_smile:


Thanks Edward! :slight_smile: Were you charged for withdrawals?


Hey, no there were no charges for withdrawals :smiley:


Can anyone tell me if I will be able to get money from any tipe of ATM once in Morocco? Or it has to be some specific one?


Hi all I’ve experienced an issue in Morocco, I took 1000 MAD (approx 90€) in Wafa Bank ATM. 25 MAD fee was took in addition. I can’t understand what’s happened