Atm not working in india

I have a revolut card and it is loaded with also Indian Rupies but the ATM machines here in Go say the pin is not correct or it stops the progress aftee the too minutes. My PIN ist definitely correct…can anyone help?

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@Benjidoggi Hello, Welcome to the community. :star_struck:

You can withdraw cash using your Revolut card worldwide, although some countries aren’t supported — read this list of unsupported countries to find out more.

Here are some key points to consider :

  1. ATM withdrawal limit - There’s a monthly limit on ATM withdrawals. The specific limit depends on your account type. If you exceed the monthly limit, a 2% fee will be applied to each additional withdrawal or a minimum fee of £1. To check your limit, go to your ‘Profile’ → select ‘Plan’ → select ‘ATM withdrawals’ and see your limit on screen. You can also read more about the limits in this FAQ.

  2. Exchange fees - We apply an additional fee on weekends — between Friday 5pm and Sunday 6pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). A fee also applies if you exceed your plan exchange limit, which includes ATM withdrawals that involve an exchange. Read this FAQ to learn more about exchange fees.

  3. ATM provider fees - Some ATM providers charge their own fees for withdrawals from their machines. These fees are independent of Revolut and are determined by the ATM provider itself. When using an ATM abroad, be aware of any additional charges displayed on the ATM screen before confirming the transaction.

More helpful information for when you’re abroad

Always choose the local currency - When withdrawing cash from an ATM, make sure you select the local currency of the country you’re in. Selecting your home currency may result in Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) fees (see this FAQ to learn about it) and unfavourable exchange rates imposed by the ATM provider.

Find out more about card payments abroad in this FAQ.

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community team