Asked to provide Business Verification documents, how much longer will I have to wait?

Hey there. What is the latest update on onboarding speed? I was 4002 initially upon submission of my information, now my position has jumped to 4078 however I have just been asked to provide additional business information such as partnership document.

Based on recent experience how long does it take to get onboarded after that?

Hey @Gromov

Please, provide the requested documents and our on-boarding team will be able to proceed with the verification of your Business account.

Hi @Oleksii,

Already have. Was just wondering how long it takes after that.

Itching to ditch my current bank because it is so not small business friendly.

@Gromov They will be able to review it in a couple of working days. Thank you for your patience.

Got the reply back that our industry isn’t supported which is strange because we are an LP company that sells textile products online. I don’t think I have seen anything remotely close to our business type in FAQ.

Maybe not such a bad thing since there have been complaints on blocked accounts with no explanations.

Oh well, I tried.