Apparently all transfers now being sent by SWIFT!


Just realised that ALL outgoing bank transfers from Revolut now come up with this warning, even EURO to EURO within the SEPA area:

EDIT: This actually seems to be a new Beta release bug. Hopefully it will be sorted in the final version.

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I can’t confirm this. I do not get this warning when transferring EUR to a EUR account within the SEPA area.



This is big. So far I thought they just made a mistake (with CHF transfers). But if they even have the UI worked out it… could be intentional? I hope not!



This is the old waring that existed for a while now for international transfers.



This warning appeared today when I made a Euro SEPA transfer. And now I see it’s been added to ALL my previous transfers too, even those completed.



Weird. Not for me. I made a transfer just 20 minutes ago. I am on the latest app version for iOS. :thinking:



I’m on IOS Beta 5.40 (Build 4361)



Regressed to the latest public version in the App Store (iOS 5.39) and warnings disappear. So seems a new feature in the latest Beta build.

I’ll send them Beta feedback and hope it gets sorted by the time of the final release.



Actually non EUR transfers are sent somehow different. If before were arriving from a local account on Revolut’s name, today it arrived from my account, on my name but different BIC :))



BIC is from Raiffeisen



So Revolut have issued iOS 5.40 on general release though the App Store and this warning persists :(.

The app now flags ALL bank transfers as being sent by SWIFT, including Euro to Euro and indeed GBP to GBP. Which is clearly nonsense. There is also the warning about the possibility of the receiving bank imposing charges. Which again is nonsense for SEPA and GBP local bank transfers.

I get why Revolut would want to flag the possibility of charges on SWIFT payments. But this is taking the lazy way out…they’ve decided to flag ALL transfers as SWIFT and impose the warning.

Come On Revolut. You can do better. Target actual SWIFT payments. Otherwise your support lines are going to be full of worried customers querying bona fide SEPA and GBP transfers unnecessarily.



That RZ-BIC should be the recipient BIC from Raiffeisen in Bucharest.

The new BIC of Revolut is REVOGB2LXXX:

They used to use REVOGB21XXX for SEPA-Payments before that.

I suspect, the “L” stands for Lithuania. Probably the BIC was registered to be used for the Lithuanian license for EU customers.

(Probably, customers are rolled out one after another and probably, that causes that SWIFT error? I don’t get it, I also didn’t get the info for re-verification as others who are migrated did and the last transfer from me was still from GB21… so probably I’m just not migrated, yet…)

Edit: It seems confirmed that the SWIFT error is indeed just a bug.



I’m getting an error if I want to send RON from Romania to my revolut account.

BCR it tells me that the BIC can’t receive RON.