App won't open on phone and pin not accepted in browser


I tried logging into my Revolut app this morning. I had forgotten the new (longer) PIN, so I requested a code via SMS which I received, entered into the app and then gave a new PIN.
Immediately after, I was not able to open the app:
I tap the icon on my screen and for a few seconds, it becomes white and then immediately closes and I am back to the home screen of my phone.
The app was up to date. I emptied the cache, stopped the app and restarted my phone. No change. I joined the Beta program, updated the app and still had the same problem. I tried using the web app, but neither my new (long) pin nor my old (shorter) pin were accepted.

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**To reset your forgotten Revolut app pass code :

Make sure you’re using your phone number or email associated with your Revolut account. Then follow the steps:

  1. Open the app and select ‘Login
  2. Enter the phone number linked to your account and hit ‘Continue
  3. Tap ‘Forgot your passcode?
  4. Take a selfie or upload ID if required
  5. Create a new passcode (avoid consecutive/repeating digits)

You may be asked for a One-Time Passcode via SMS or email. If you can’t receive the SMS OTP, wait for the count to expire and tap ‘Resend code’ for email authentication.

:point_right: If you fail the verification process three times, you’ll be directed to the in-app chat support. Our support agents are always happy to help you.

Make sure you aren’t logged in to multiple devices or using a VPN.

Hope this helps. :pray:

Veda | Community team

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately I am unable to proceed with the steps you have suggested: How am I supposed to enter the app if the app won’t open?

Hi, just wondering if you were able to sort out your problem with the app? I’m having the same problem with my app right nkw, any ideas? Im thinking of uninstalling the app and re installing, not sure if thatll work. Thanks Susan


@djay @Susanw Hello :wave:

Please let me know if the issue was resolved or you are facing the same problem? :eyes:

Veda | Community team

Issue resolved thanks you. Deleted the app and installed it again, and all was fine thank you!
Susan Waters


@Susanw, It’s great to hear that your issue has been resolved. Keep exploring our community. :hugs:

SG | Community Team

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For me it was resolved after I followed the instructions I received via email:

  1. Please open your phone settings and clear the cache memory of revolut app on your phone.

  2. For clearing cache, go to settings ->apps>REVOLUT → Storage option and hit the “Clear Cache” and then “Clear Data” button.

  3. Press the Home key to return to the home screen. Launch the “Settings” and click on the “Device” option from the list.

  4. Go to the Playstore and check for any update for revolut app( if not available , please reinstall the app).

  5. Open the app and click on log in. (Make sure that the sim card of the phone number is in the same phone)

  6. Enter your phone number and hit Continue. (Enter country code, and phone number without a zero before it)

  7. On the passcode page, click on the forgotten passcode–> SMS.

  8. It should send you an OTP, enter it and proceed. (In case this fails, click on Resend code after the timer runs out and choose email this time)

  9. Then, it will ask you for selfie authentication. Please click your selfie and wait until it gets approved. Also, keep your document ID close to upload when requested by the app. (it might take from 2 to 10 minutes to be approved).

  10. Once the selfie and document pictures are passed, you will be redirected to change a new passcode. (Check for previously passed document for faster resolution)

  11. Change your passcode, and once you confirm it, the app will request one more selfie for Login.

  12. Once it gets accepted, Congratulations, You are in the app.

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@djay Thank you for this insightful and detailed solution. We really appreciate this. :heart_hands:

Veda | Community team