App stopped working


I cannot login, make payments or transfer nor access the support. When will the issue be resolved?


This is happening me also! Would not let me use the card to purchase items also.


Same for me. I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, thinking it was me… big mistake! I can’t even log in now!


They said they were working on the issue, so I guess the only thing we can do now is wait until it is resolved. They also said to keep the receipts of the things you pay with other cards and that they will refund the transfer costs :):blush:


I know! Hope this will get fixed soon. :frowning:


Ahhhhhhhhhh - I put all my funds into Revolut for my travels and now can’t make a payment. Got turned down at our hire car as I couldn’t pay. Grrrrrrrrrrr


I am a Premium user of Revolut and All I am currently getting on the app is “Sorry something went wrong try again later” and when I try to withdraw it says " Your card has been temporarily declines" I believe Revolut needs to put out a message about what is going on as I believe there are many people are stuck due to this issue. At least some information to its clients would be beneficial.


hi there I’m going on holiday today, I had funds in my revolut account i was going to use but now the app/card has been rendered useless, will i be able to use it over my holiday at all? can’t even log back in now


Me too sat in Seattle can’t pay for anything, a message saying the card was unavailable and a time scale would be nice.


Having the same issue, my card was declined at a petrol station in Austria and need to put money on it so I can withdraw cash. Some help please Revolut!!


having the same issue as well, cant use my card or app, was enjoy my only day off in 10 days and i had to return home from my trip because i cant access my funds, should not have put all my eggs in one basket!


App stopped working after update on Android.
Cant log in either… Always get the message something went wrong.


After today’s update there is still problem with communication between application and revolut’s servers. I have reinstalled app and now I can’t see last operations. Still have information: Sorry something went wrong. Try again later (or something similar - I have it translated from Polish)


I too am unable to do anything within the app, what on earth is happening? :frowning:


I tried to top up my card, the message “something has gone wrong. Please try again later” appeared. Then none of the functions worked. I tried to delete the application and to download it again, thinking it was something wrong with my phone but now I cannot even log in again.

Did this happen to any of you guys ?


Oh and none of the support phone numbers are working either (french and english)


App 5.23, today’s update, do not work on my Xperia, model G3112, with Android 8.0.0.


Has the update (5.23) been withdrawn from the Play store? I still have only 5.22. On my iPhone I have 5.23.


There is version 5.23.1.


Fixed the issue by the reinstalling up. I recently restore a full iPhone backup via iTunes and I think it could be an issue. After re-installing an app it worked again