App stopped - requesting to enter phone number


App worked good. But today I tried to log in and see my virtual CC number. No way. I constantly get ENTER YOUR PHONE NUMBER - but why? I have the latest version installed. So I enter the phone number, well at least the number I thought I used since I have two phones.
I get CONTINUE which I press and then I get Create a Password?
Why do I need to create a new password for my working revolut account ???
So I introduce my password.
Then then I get “We´re sorry, something thas gone wrong. Please try later”.
No way to contact Revolut since the app won’t start.
When it works, it is good. When it goes wrong, it is a nightmare.



Have you tried to log in with the other phone number? You need to log in with the phone number you initially used to set up the account. And what you’re describing sounds like setting up a new account.

If you can’t contact them via app chat, I recommend Twitter. (And please watch your language here in this forum. It’s a user forum where users help each other.)



a) thanks for pointing out the “language issue” - you are quite right. I got carried away. I am now messing with this for 1 hour. If my pay myself 20€ per hour, it will take me 5 years to offset with their savings. I have had some serious issue with a wire before which took months (4) to finally get it sorted out, so my experience is rather “dented”.
b) Yes, I did log in with my other phone number. I have 2 numbers (like many people). This time my old password worked. But it now requests me to verify my email. Since I only read emails on my laptop, each time I click on the verification link it sends me to a page requesting me to open a new account. So I have no way to verify my - already verified - phone. When clicking on verify in the email, the app does not update nor recognise that I pressed the link.

I’ll leave it there. I have a physical and virtual card and 32€ left. I’ll spend the money and say good bye.
Have a good Sunday.



update - now emails can only be verfied on mobile app but not on laptop/pc - this is bad. Chat support just confirmed. Worse - a already verified email needs to be verified. The biggest drawback of this service is the lacking computer/laptop backup support.



Workaround: just forward the confirmation mail with the link to an email address that you can get on your mobile. That’s what I did. In case clicking on that link does not work: copy and paste it on your mobile.

(It’s necessary to perform this on device. The system needs to be able to verify if the person clicking the link is in possession of the phone where the app is installed that is connected to this account. Since the verified email then can be used to change the verified phone number, both methods have to be verified independently.)

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Thank you Frank!
Frustating experience to say the least. Your support here is better than the in-chat support. Just figured out the guy who stole 1h of my time has 11 days experience working for Revolut.
Actually, I do not read any emails on my phone, I have never done.
My email was previously verified when I opened the account with my laptop with no problems, so the hassle I am enduring now outweighs the benefits of their service. Re-verifying a verified account - what for?

Maybe you might now: What happens if I do not re-verify my email?
I don’t want to waste more of my previous time only because of an app that fails to perform as it should - the smart guys should be able to recognise when user has pressed the link, regardless if app or computer.



It’s about linking the email to a specific user and cellphone number. Only when Revolut can make sure that you have access to a specific phone (with the app installed and access to it) and to a verified email, they can allow you to change the registered phone no. (which is necessary to log in to your account) on your own.

When you press the link, the system checks if the app is active on that device independently from a text message sent to a phone number. This can’t be done without performing this on the device.

My guess is that you don’t have to verify the email address now, but you won’t be able to change your registered phone number without contacting support.



OK - thanks !!!
Really appeciate all the help you are giving.
I hope they pay you, because you are doing a much better job than the chat support fellow in the app. THANKS again Frank.

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FYI: N26’s recent phishing problem worked like this: fraudsters were phishing for log-in + password with a website that looked like N26’s desktop banking. They then changed a user’s registered phone number and were able to link their own phone to someone’s account. This link is necessary because N26 performs 2FA for transfers via a linked device. With Revolut’s way of verifying the address, this attack would not be possible, fraudsters would have to hack a client’s email account as well.

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Ah ok. Well. lol… Thanks for the info!