App signing out

I’ve been signed out of the app twice today and once yesterday since upgrading the app to v7.2. Anyone else having this issue?

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I had to login again today… phone number and passcode only … no verification code required.

Tried to reset one more time. Password from sms is not correct or something went wrong

Also got signed out. Could not sign in with password. Have sent selfie with Id attached. Waiting for reply

Today i have it…but is for the first time.

hi, i ve got the same problem, i sent some money from my main UK account and the i was log out and then i can t login back, i need to use my money from Revolut, please solve this asap!

Yes, all the times. And all the support is via chat, so if you dont log on you won´t have any kind of support.

Been able to reset password, but lost stock exchange’s and money there

So could someone from Revolut help me please ? I have an amount that I need to use it ASAP, I cannot access my account, it gives me an error something went wrong please come later, i don’t have other options to access it…

I have the same problem, was using the app before fine. I received email that I need to add a new ID in the app.
Opened the app, saw my balance and a few minutes later it just greeted me with the option to sign up for a new account. Entering my number (which was also used originally) but it keeps telling me that the phone number or the code is not correct (but code was never asked).

Please help.