App problems, can't login, doesn't recognise pin, can't call- what's going on there!


Way too many bugs in this app - see the headline of this post.

Also, I wanted to call or chat. The phone number you provide 02033228352 does not recognise my number attached to the account.

Then, for chatting, it tells me to go to the app. But I can’t get into the app because it doesn’t accept my PIN.

What is going on over there?

I deleted and redownloaded the app, to no avail.

Please email me asap.


Hello @anne07876

Apologies, there was a server issue, which affecting all in-app features. It has been now resolved.

Thanks for you patience.


Andreas K.


Thank you Andreas.

It is working again, and shows the balance. I tried to transfer some of that balance to my other land bank, but the app doesn’t accept my address - even though it’s stored in there.

Hence, I cannot transfer.


Please allow a few hours and try to transfer again.


Ok, will do.



I am having similar problems, but there is no response from in-app support either.


@AndreasK Is it possible to update the account?


Seems their app goes through a few glitches. Can take time to resolve, but it eventually does.

All of the process I needed to complete on Friday were complete by the end of that day, so it will resolve eventually.