App no longer working (incompatible with your device) since last night.

So, my reply was not approved, it just disappeared w/o explanation (thanks!).

Let me try again then, shorter: Clearly current Revolut app for android disappears from Play Store if your phone is rooted.

Hi, I’ve the same issue for some days.

Revolut app on Play Store has never been compatible with my OS : Galaxy S7 with Lineage OS 15.1 - Android 8.1.0.

I used apk (last 5.29) for a while. But now, everything is blocked. Is there a way to let my phone, which is quite common I think, be compatible with GPlay version ?


Well, I’ve just registered here in order to see any solutions to my problem, and this thread looks a bit like it.

I’ve got a Revolut APP on a phone with Android Kit-Kat 4.4.4, so, I’m one of those that missed the APP functionality recently. I tried to install the newer APK (v.6.18.1) on a virtual device (several ones), trying: NOX Player (android 7), BlueStacks (android 7.1.2), and Genymotion with several android versions (7/8/9). Only I could install it on BlueStacks (from Google Play) and NOX (only directly the APK), but doesn’t works, APP crashed. In the other cases with Genymotion, APK doesn’t install and Google Play doesn’t let it download (“incompatible with your device”).

Maybe someone could install it and run it correctly, full of functionality, on a virtual machine? How?

Thanks in advance.

i am experiencing app issues for the last 2 days. it keeps kicking me out of the application. i already tried to to reinstal it and restart the phone … not sure what else to do … can anyone help? thx.

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Hi, when/why was this implemented?

Hello - I have been asked to remind my phone number on Revolut app and my info, but it turns out to be a loopholes as it will keep asking the same info over again and again - so I cannot login in the app since 4 days now and turns out that some transfer have been made from my accounts (which obv I didn’t do)

But the most annoying part is that your help service is on app only, but I cannot login on the app so I need to track you down here this way - can someone get in touch asap?



I use Revolut v5.41 for over 2 years on a Samsung Galaxy Note4 (SM_N910C) screen 5.7" with Android 6.01.

After each payment I freeze my card. Monday I wanted to unfreeze my card to make a purchase, Revolut returns: “You must upgrade to the latest version of the application to use this feature.” message. Unfortunately, Revolut is missed from GooglePlayStore. I tried Installing from a Revolut link, this return: “This app is incompatible with your device” message.

I chat with the support via the app, but it was not much help. He told me that my device is no longer eligible and have to change it. And as for my funds, I have nothing to worry, they remain on my account. Except my Card is freeze.

I launched the Samsung system update

I Clear Cache and Data from GooglePlayStore and GooglePlayServices

Nothing helps. Worse, I can no longer launched Revolut and so I can no longer chat with the support

Is there a way to install Revolut 6.20?
Currently my card (Physics) is freeze. How to unfreeze?
How can I run the app on another mobile?
Can I log in to my Revolut account on my son’s phone while he also has and uses Revolut?
Does the app is associated with a phone number (SIM card)?
How can I get the funds back from my Revolut account?
How do I contact Revolut Since I can no longer chat via my account?

The last version I was able to upgrade to was 6.9.1.

Clearly the moderators won’t let me say anything more. - Such posts just disappear w/o approval. This fits perfectly with how Revolut support works - just endless amount of frustration.

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Have your problem was resolved?

I know this is sucks, but revolut staff is non existing on here now. Your best bet, and anyone reads this topic. Is to contact them throughout social medias, messenger, fb, twitter.

Write them direct message, reply to the latest posts.

When i had an issue, i did the same. They fixed it in the next day early morning.

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They can’t fix a person using an outdated OS though

don`t use outdated OS then?

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They just need to hire some people to keep an eye here also, I feel it also that is a bit under staffed since my post usually take hours to get approved.

Yeah, that`s true.

For me main complaint is the lack of support. I find going to the social media and get their attention there, is rather dull.
Feels like I`m teen age girl, chasing some boy to notice me.

Support hotline would be good to have in case something happens like app locked or something else.