App no longer working (incompatible with your device) since last night.


I am guessing that their is a new version of the app - it was working fine until last night - now it says “incompatible with your device”.

Revolut is pretty much useless without the app (cannot check spending, check balance, top up with debit card, block card if lost/stolen, contact help/support etc etc). Needed Revolut for a trip next week and now I am stuck with no time to try and find an alternative card provider.

So beware if using Revolut - it can become useless overnight without any warning. :frowning:


It is probably because you have an older version of Andriod which the new app version does not support.


Weird! What kind of phone are you using? And what OS? :smiley:


Revolut says: “At the moment our app is available for iPhones (iOS 8), iPads or Android (4.2) supported phones with a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches”

Please read the FAQ.


I have an Android phone (5.1) and the app has been working fine on it for the past month (until last night).


Are you getting any kind of error message? Or does the app refuse to open :hushed:


I uninstalled it as it stopped working and when I go to the Play store to reinstall it that’s when it says “not compatible with your device”. So I have no access to the app at all now and no way to access it.


Did you try to reinstall the app?


Hi, I did - but cannot reinstall as it says “your device isn’t compatible with this version”.


Just a thought but could it be because your Play Store country has changed?


No I am still currently in the UK.


If you have a PC/Laptop/Windows Tablet, you can install Bluestacks and use the Revolut app on that system. A bit of a hassle, but once you have it installed and you’ve logged in, it’s a lifesaver if you lose your phone or the app stops working on your phone. Note that with Bluestacks, you don’t have to pay anything or subscribe to their premium service. You can just accept the offer to install some random apps every month (which you can then delete) to keep using the free service.

Revolut from MAC or PC