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Hello, good morning
My wife is China, I am trying to help her

She has a revolut account with a physical card.

Her mobile was broken, she purchased a new mobile.
She has been using an european number and also a chinese number for the phone.
She tried both numbers with the pin of the app that she remembers…

None work.

How can she get access to the app?
Of course she has the physical credit card with her data.

One cannot get support withtou login to the app…

How can we solve the situation?


there should be the world “forgot” on the screen to enter the pin. click on it.
Out of interest how did she log on before the phone broke ?

I am unable to explain how she did… she registered, provided her ID, got her physical card …
She uses two numbers (european/chinese, her phone has dual SIMS); I am pretty sure that one should be. She is not remembering the pin code…

I do not see the forgot pin button…
(I am accessing remotely her phone usint teamviewer to her PC then vysor to her mobile :wink:

apologies i was asuming that you had set up the app but forgotten the PIN. reading the other thread i see your situation is more complex.
i would advise to make contact with :r: via Twitter of Facebook to resolve these account issues.

Now the current status of play is that I logged out of the app.
To log in one is asked to provide number and pin.
I am considering to uninstall the app, reinstall and see what happens…
Trouble is that when I ask help in my app I got a message that they will contact me in 8 hours… then when they call I am sleeping or away…
Is there any email one can write?
(no twitter facebook acouonts…)

you can direct message one of the :r: staff who monitor this forum but i doubt it will be any quicker than waiting for support.

Thanks, will try

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Problem solved.
Somewhere I found a help button.
Got support talking to me with less than 1 minute delay!
Following a protocol I was able to asign phone number and receive the needed confirmation code off band SMS (that was either not working)
Very happy,

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Please help me advising where you manage to find the help button ? I have very similar problem

Hi Revolut community,

I am having a problem logging into my app. I registered my account with a Polish number and since last several months I am in the UK and using a local mobile network company. After the recent bug issue of Revolut for android users, I uninstalled the app and while reinstalling the new version, I am unable to log in. How do I reach to customer support because I do not have access to my app? I have sent an email on complaint email id and still no response till date.

Can anyone help me how to contact the customer care?

Thanks a lot!