API Product Updates

Hey community! :wave:

We recently launched this new section in our community and we wanted to post a small update on the Business API changes we have been working on recently. :technologist:

Counterparty search

We implemented pagination into our retrieve counterparties endpoint to better manage those cases when the number of counterparties kept on growing.

Additionally we also added filtering capabilities in order to search :mag: for a specific counterparty.

Confirmation of Payee (CoP)

For those of you with businesses based in the UK, you can now use a new endpoint which allows you to check the account holder of UK bank accounts.

This way you can be absolutely sure that you are sending funds to the correct person and didn’t make a mistake :confounded: with the account number.


We increased the number of endpoints you can configure from 1 up to a total of 10.

Webhooks will now also will contain a signature :writing_hand:which will allow you to validate the authenticity of the message.

Head over to our documentation to check all the features in detail.