Anyone else got this strange push notification?


My phone was off. When I switched it on I got push notification from revolut which read “This might make you cry but here is…” and thing is I instinctively tapped on it, got redirected to revolut app, and push notification was gone. There is no way how to read it till end.

Usually if its an announcement its presented also in app, but there was none this time. So I have no idea what that was about.

Anyone else got this notification and can tell me what was it about? :roll_eyes:


It’s just a look at how you spent your money during the last week :grinning: nothing to be afraid. Maybe a less creepy start would be better :sweat_smile:


It even appeared with marketing pushes disabled which annoyed me the most


a way of seeing the messages after tapping on the notifications would be even better


I’d say it’s not a marketing push though.


that creepy notification is an expenses report that you can’t really read or analyse… poorly implemented but absolutely not marketing


Had a similar “Message” some weeks before, got this useful Answer on how to check what the push-message ment:

And yeah. It’s annoying Revolut doesn’t show its own Push-Messages within the app - especially when they start so alarming, right…


@BendikHa, @alejandro.mery
it’s clickbait though and i couldn’t find any other setting to disable such useless pushes without disabling all notifications from the app.


@AndreasK will there be an option to disable this notification?


Yes please! The ability to control the push notification it’s really essential. I like Revolut as a service, but the application has quite a few issues. Absence of total control of the notifications is one of them. It looks like every developer thinks that the notifications from his app are the most important… and that’s the problem.

So, please, add an option to control them. Because it’s just make people angry and you’re damaging your own name.


I noticed now R added “Like” “Dislike” option after every purchase in push notification. :crazy_face: Which is also a bit weird from my point of view.

I dont even know what happens after you push Like or Dislike. I just swipe away such notifications and they dissapear like :butterfly: until next transaction :smile:

p.s. And yes - “This might make you cry” intro now is gone. So somebody from staff reads forum and sometimes listen to what we say :+1: