Annual Top Up Limit extremely low?

So, I’ve just been to the Verficiation & limits page and was a bit shocked:

I have topped up £325.59 so far (that’s not the shocking part). But below it says:

Limit is £4,000 a year

Is that serious? Can I not top up more than £4,000 p.a.? What’s the point then? I can barely use the account for anything?

Edit: There is no hint that I am able to upload further documents to increase the limit anywhere that I can see.

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Go to “Verification &Limit” in your profil.
It will enable you to increase your limit.

Thanks, but no, it doesn’t:

Weird, below that in ios I have a button to increase. Maybe just ask in live chat

What needs to happen is you need to top-up a bit more.
Not sure how much more, but I also didn’t get to see the button instantly. I was it when I topped more like ~1000 euros or so.

It’ll let you upload the requested documents, like payslips & bank transaction statements to increase your limit.
Once that’s been done, they increased my annual limit to more than 12x my monthly take-home. In one day or so- painless process.

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Thanks @revofan. so, am I understanding this correctly, that based on your past experience you’d expect roughly the following:

  1. After sign up: Get a really low top up limit without a way to increase it.
  2. Once you get reasonably close to it: Hope you get the chance to increase it by supplying sensitive financial information?

The following isn’t really directed at you, but is that really sensible?

Firstly: How weird to get such a very low limit without an obvious way of increasing it, or even a hint of “If you are a good boy you may try to increase your limit later, but no promises.” If I wasn’t determined to use Revolut because I could really use a EUR account (lots of relatives in Europe) I would just say “Oh, £4,000 p.a. is not good enough for anything. Let’s move on”.

Secondly: Really? Provide Payslips and Bank statements? I thought Revolut was meant to make things easier rather than harder than “legacy” bank. No bank ever asked me for pay slips or other banks statement before I could deposit more than a few thousand grand (I mean, in London £4,000 really doesn’t last you long, does it?!)

Your mumbling and grumbling aside, another idea- have you actually verified your account, it is verified your documents and top-up card?

Keep in mind this is a very specific service aimed at suiting very specific needs. It’s not a bank.
With that, one of the consequences I guess is that they need to impose stricter methods of making sure no money laundering-related activities are taking place via Revolut.

BTW, PDF upload from Google Drive took me literally 3 minutes and I was all set in a day or so.

4000 pounds won’t last you long in London, but that’s a good start for a city break or other short vacation for the most people- and that’s the basic idea behind Revolut.
If you like the service, go from there and get your income verified. If you don’t want to- there’s no obligation.

All fair enough, I guess. Maybe I was just expecting that they’d tailor their service specifically around my needs - are you telling me that’s not reasonable :thinking: ?

More seriously:

To answer your question: Yes, I have verified my card, but was never asked for any documents. (And the “Verification & limits” page doesn’t allow me to upload documents either as you can see.)

I know you probably can’t answer that definitively, but do you think that money received from 3rd parties via bank transfers count towards the top up limit?

Documents to verify your identity. At least in Poland, it does ask you to scan your ID. What does it do in the UK?

I know that if you don’t do that, the limit is indeed really low, but it does go up just with scanning your ID. Next step is, of course, your financial verification so payslips etc.

Bank transfers do count towards the limit- at least in my case.

Interesting. It never asked to upload anything. And as you can see in the screenshot I’m not offered the option either.

I was having a very fruitless chat with the support team who say I can email 3 months payslips and bank statements, and they’ll increase the limit. But I’m not willing to send such sensitive data in unencrypted emails :frowning:

There are a variety of annual top up limits that an account can be set to. Sometimes you just need to complete a further security check as part of our standard procedures. Please reach out on support chat and we can certainly look into raising this for you!

As you see in the post immediately above yours I did reach out to them but wasn’t given much of an option other than to send sensitive financial documents through unencrypted email. I do not feel comfortable with that…

Hi, just joined & started using resolut (on Friday) and have sent a trial £100 to test the service (advised it should arrive on Monday/tomorrow).

As however the notifications all seem in order I thought i would send a further £5000 to get things started… But as per “nanos” above I am seeing the same issue: A limit of £4000/year… So I thought I would send another £3,900 so I haven’'t completely wasted my time but it is now advising I also have a £250/day limit.

As I too would have an issue with sending bank statements. etc., I wondered whether you have - in the last six months - improved or upgraded this vital aspect of your service?

Please advise ASAP. Thanks.

Take it easy, do a couple more top ups and the limit will rise. I have 30k euro in limit now and i have not sent any payslips or other verification at all. I got to 30k after about 2 months and some 5 top ups if i remember correctly. Had revolut since may last year.